Ginny Weinstein's Weekly Correspondence
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Ginny Weinstein BBG's Weekly Correpsondence


Hey sexy bears!

Aren't you guys proud! I'm getting corr. out early! The website hasn't been working so it's been a little backed up! But we are right on track now! Next weekend is going to be a blast!
Friday night we have Judaism Fishbowl w/ Kravitz @8! I'm not sure who's house its at- but i'll let you know!
Saturday we have Ft. Worth walkdown! If you need at ride to any info- call me! (9)849-6158!
Sunday(if you awake from walkdown) there is chill cookoff and a chapter mtg @j@1:30! I'm sooo excited about presenting my first mins! yay! Ok- thats it! I luv all you beary much!