Songs & Cheers
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Songs and Cheers

This page contains the songs and cheers of the B'nai B'rith Girls. They are organized by level: international, regional, and then chapter. Please note that the cheers of the NTO region, and those of Ginny Weinstein BBG were written by kids, and the staff is not responsible for them.


We pledge to thee, oh BBG
Our love, our youth, our loyalty
We sing to thee with joyous sounds,
Our voices reach the sky.
From Zion came the
white and blue,
To give these colors
bold and true,
Our loyal daughters
gather 'round,
To raise our flag on high.

Identity, Identity
Who Am I? I'm a BBG
I am one, though only one
There's so much I can due.

Friends, Friends, Friends
We will always be
Whether in fair,
Or in dark stormy weather,
BBYO will keep us together
White and blue,
We will 'ere be true,
Love will pervade us,
'Till death separate us,
We're friends, friends, friends...

BBG Beau Song
Eyes shining bright, understanding
and true...
A pure golden heart, with kindness
Hands there to help us
Throughout the year...
A smile there to greet us
With friendship and cheer.

Hold high this honor we place upon you
Oh perfect symbol of gentlemen true
From all the rest, it's you we proclaim
To stand on our pedestal...
Inour Hall of Fame.

Example to us of a truly great guy.
You are the pride of BBG's EYES.
With deepest devotion, we sing unto thee...
Oh SCOTT, our beau, of our BBG.

B'nai B'rith Girls
We're standing tall
We're one for all
B'nai B'rith Girls
We're here to stay
We'll pave the way
For all Jewish youth
B'nai B'rith Girls
we're standing here as one - hey!
B'nai B'rith Girls
for sisterhood and fun - hey!
For love and laughter
Friends that last
Times so good
They go too fast
We stand and sing with all our might
B'ani B'rith Girls
Our future's so bright
B'nai B'rith Girls
we're standing here as one - hey!
B'nai B'rith Girls
for sisterhood and fun - hey!
Together as one - forever united...B'NAI B'RITH GIRLS!!